Ice Bank

Ice Bank

Ice Bank is a system designed to make good use of the low cost of electricity at midnight.
Ice Bank can turn the water in a tank into ice at any time of the day to cool the ice for use at other times. Ice has a high latent melting point, so melting one kilogram of ice requires 333 kilojoules of energy, so ice can store significant cold.

Equipped with a shoe to even out the water temperature in the whole ice bank of polyurethane insulation with a density of 40 kg / m3 with a thickness of 10 cm for insulation production and execution in different dimensions according to customer needs of the electrical panel control system

Ability to transport seamlessly, water temperature remains constant during use Ability to store ice when not in use Chassis and frame made of studs and iron profiles with anti-paint coating Using a variety of hermetic and toxic compressors, screw and scroll with Reputable brands MANUROPE, DWM, BITZER and…

Capacity from 200 to 500000 liters of cold water outlet temperature, 0.5 ° C, use of galvanized and colored sheet as the outer wall (facade) of cold water storage tub of galvanized sheet, steel or polyethylene

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