Bojari machine

Bojari machine

Threshing machines for the purification and grading of grains and legumes such as stems, skins and wastes from impurities. Bojari machine with different types of sieves with different sizes and fan wind in several stages causes product additions to be taken and only the final product remains to be used.
Bojari technical specifications: Body paint beans are completely the best type of electrostatic paint, shock resistant to high heat and anti-scratch.

All cans and profiles used in the machine are first-class, heavy and thick. Depending on the type of product, each product has a suitable brand with its own dimensions. The main tank of the device is made of stainless steel. It has a separate electrical panel and control system for each part of the grain mill.
Machine weight: 350 kg.

Dimensions of the device: 2.5 height 2 meters length 1.5 width

The input power of this car is 220 and 380 volts (it is variable according to the request of the applicant.)

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